Monday, March 09, 2009

Monkey Business!

I'm very happy to have Jerzie here for the day! She is back to her old self for the first time since she was sick so we had some craftin' fun.I had picked up a few cheap and easy crafts at AC Moore awhile ago. Today we decided to make a monkey.
Jerzie loved the wiggly eyes and the bananas.
Showing off her cute monkey!
She named him George!
Won't be long before I'll have 2 little crafters!


Laurie and Chris said...

Love your monkey Jerzie. I bet you and grandma had a great time making "George".

Darla said...

Praise the Lord she is back!! Love Curious George!!

Heather said...

the money is so cute! i'm so glad Jerzie is feeling better. how scary.

Cedar ... said...

Jerzie will always remember the times spent with Grandma,.... very special times. Cute monkey,..cute Jerzie!

OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, isn't this the best part of being a grandma?! Doing stuff together... passing on those skills -- sharing that big proud of herself grin! (I can't wait for this part!!!)