Sunday, March 08, 2009


I found this really cool thrift shop today. They had drawers full of little country accents...hankies, and some of the architectural things I love.
There were cupboards with pictures, dishes and all sorts of decorative shelves.
Just look at all the candle holders. You could find something for almost every decor, except modern.
Even a spot for canning jars, coffee pots and baskets.
Look at this cute assortment of small chairs, bird houses and large candle holders.
There is only one problem with this cool store. I already own everything they have! How can that be? I've been going to organize my messy store room forever. This was my son's bedroom and it had this great cupboard in it. The only problem was, it still had lots of his stuff. I packed his junk up and put it all in the closet. I knew these cupboards would work great for storing all my goodies. At least now I'll only have one area to look in.
I still have all my seasonal stuff, except Christmas, in the basement but I'm not sure if I'll move it up here or not. I'll decide when I use it.
Would you like to come shopping in my thrift shop?
Sorry, I can't part with this stuff. There are a couple boxes of things I can get rid of though!


Cedar ... said...

HAHA.... you had me going for a minute there!

Unknown said...

You had me too! Post whatever you feel you can part with and let us bargain!!!

Diana LaMarre said...

LOL, Jean. You had me, too. I didn't figure it out until I read the other comments!

OldBagNewTricks said...

I was totally taken!!!! Ya know, one of these days designers and architects will finally figure out that what we want isn't a four bedroom five bath home -- what we really one is a two bedroom 10 closet home. It's all about the closets.

Cute stuff you got there -- no wonder you can't part with it.


Heather said...

wow you do have a lot of stuff! those cabinets look perfect for storing all your goodies.

playsdolls said...

Are you quite sure you do not want topart with a few of those wonderful things,I see a couple chairs,old coffee kettle,cute bird houses,a basket or two and a few other things I sure would like to bring home with me.(hee hee)
You have some wonderful finds and a great way to show them off.

Susie said...

Hi Jean,
Like the others, you had me too :)
You have such an amazing collection of goodies. I love all the clever ways you find to use them in your decorating.

Rosemary said...

Thrift shops are great. Love seeing all your treasures and how you decorate with them. Then on top of it you are organized!