Monday, January 12, 2009

What's Cooking?

Jerzie and I are cooking up some 'warm and fuzzy' food and a surprise for Mommy and Daddy. (We can't tell the surprise because Mommy and Daddy read the blog to see what we are doing on Jerzie day).We call comfort food 'warm and fuzzy' food. Click 'warm and fuzzy' under labels on my side bar to see what is comfort food for us.
Today we are making boiled dinner and eclair cake.

Jerzie likes the filling for the cake!
These are both family favorites.What is comfort food for your family? Maybe we should have a "Warm and Fuzzy Day" when we all share a comfort food recipe. What do you think? We will show you what our surprise is tomorrow!

I'm listening to Jerzie read to her doggie and she just counted to seven with no help. When we ask her to do it she pretends she can't!


Darla said...

Sounds like you are having a warm, fuzzy, cozy day with that precious one. I just baked a homemade lemon merigne pie with some fresh lemons from our neighbor!!

Cedar ... said...

What a great idea for Jerzie Day! And i like the idea of a warm and fuzzy food theme. Let's do it,...
Oh, and what time is supper? :)

The Smiths said...

We have noticed she has been counting a lot more frequently but will not do it for us when we ask. She also knows her colors but refuses to let us know! If you ask her what color something is she says the wrong one, but if you give her choices, she picks the correct one! The little stinker!