Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

The last couple years I've started to get into Coleus. Of course, I love the burgundy color and they are great for pots.
Seems like every year they have some new color combinations and different patterns.
I'm loving this bright green!
This is a new one I found this year. I can't wait to see what's different this summer.
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playsdolls said...

I like coleus too,you can choose from so many colors.Yours are quite beautiful.

Suzanne said...

Love your coleus. These photos make me yearn for Spring.

Aiyana said...

Coleus will last here about three months, so they are used as short-lived houseplants. My daughter-in-law in Denver grows these in pots all summer and she has a variety like you. Yours are all lovely.

Cedar ... said...

I no longer have house plants. My favorites are ferns,... I'll have one again next summer to hang in the carport and will try to winter it indoors. I do miss those I used to have. Years ago I had a gardenia. Have you tried one of those?

Darla said...

I love Coleus as well, I have one that I am trying to save through the winter it is pink and green reminds me of watermelon and then I also had a light green ruffle one this past year, will be trying to find that one again.