Sunday, December 07, 2008

Snowy Sunday

I didn't take these pictures today because it's too cold, windy and snowy out!

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An update on yesterday's post: Someone checked out the union book and even as a part time employee have the right to bump someone with less seniority. Since there is such a turnover, and some over me have decided to quit I am only the 5th cashier on the list. I may not get office right away but that's okay. A rep from Human Services is supposed to come in and talk to everyone. Thanks for the concern!


Laurie and Chris said...

Great snowy sunday pictures!U really like the holly picture.

I was glad to read your update.

Darla said...

You know I love your snow photos! Love the bench. Of cousre we are concerned about you...Me and the Lord had us a talk this morning about you!!