Monday, December 08, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

Jerzie and I have been busy already today. We decided to make a Christmas tree. Jerzie put on some cookie stickers that Lilli sent her in my package. Then we glued on some red sparkly pipe cleaners.
The very best part was putting on the shiny balls with a glue stick. Jerzie loved the glue stick, as you can tell by the number of balls on the tree!
Of course, we had to put a magnet to hang it on the fridge.
It is so much fun now that Jerzie is old enough to enjoy this kind of project.


Heather said...

very cute! she looks so proud of her Christmas tree.

Darla said...

that is precious! she looks so adorable in her red!!

Laurie and Chris said...

Jerzie must come by doing crafts naturally!! She really enjoys them when we are all together doing them. You can tell she is having fun!!

Wendy said...

Grandmothering is so much fun! Little Jerzie looks so proud of her Christmas tree!

Suzanne said...

That girl is an artist extraordinaire! She's adorable and I love her cute Christmas tree. You are so fortunate to have her close by!