Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Eclectic Tree

My tree was quite expensive this year but I love a real tree and it really is a nice one. The size is perfect and it was easy to decorate.
I have a little bit of everything on my tree. I have birds like I remember on my Grandparents tree when I was young and hand crafted ones from friends. I was given the little bird feeder over 20 years ago by an elderly customer. It is 2 pieces of plastic canvas with a communion cup filled with bird seed and a tiny white bird. So simple but it's a favorite.
My Grandparents tree also had bubble lights and I love them!
My mother made tree decorations every year for all of us. She made this bird nest and the bead ornament. I also have some short and long twisted tin icicles.
Mom seemed to love making the bead ones the most. We have them in all sizes and shapes. The kids got different ones than the adults so my kids each have several she made also.
I love the old tree decorations and pick them up at sales when ever I see a good deal. Some I buy because they seem familiar so I know someone in my family had them on their tree.
Some are ones that Laurie has gotten me at craft shows. She puts one in my stocking every year just like I do for all of them.
There are a lot of memories in my Christmas tree and I would never be able to do a certain color or theme. My tree theme will always be 'family memories'!


Darla said...

I feel the same way, I love looking a other's theme trees, like I said on someone else's blog, my theme is, "Look what I made for the tree!" I have all types of treasures from family, friends and best of all, children. I love your tree.

PEA said...

Oh, Jean, your tree is absolutely beautiful and you know how much I love vintage ornaments:-) I'm really enjoying my real tree as well this year!! xoxo

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful tree filled with wonderful treasured keepsakes! I usually have a few trees (this year only one!), but one of mine is just like yours. It's the kid's and my husband's favorite!

Deb said...

I totally agree, Jean. Every ornament has a story behind it and many memories.