Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kitchen Santas

I love this Santa picture! It is on a piece of tin. He really looks like what I would expect Santa to look like. I painted this Santa. This piece has different inserts. After Christmas I'll show you my snowman insert. Remember you can click on the picture to enlarge.
I was into fence post painting for awhile. People were bringing me their old fence posts.
My glass front cupboard gets a Santa display.
Old tree light boxes and strings of lights laying around.
The Saturday Evening Post box is a puzzle of my Moms. We had the Santa on the right when I was young. I bought the other 2. The tall one is a candle and the shorter one is a wax candy holder.
I didn't set out to collect Santa but just seem drawn to them. I have to like their face or I don't want them. Some of the old ones look really scary. Do you use Santa in your Christmas decor?


Darla said...

Those are great, I would have brought you a fence post too! I should do a Santa Post and a Snowman Post. This was neat!

playsdolls said...

The Santa painted on the tin is awesome,he looks like what you would think Santa should look like.I do love the fence post,I may have to hunt me a couple of fence post to paint before next Christmas.

Bethany said...

Lot's of Santas at your home, it really look like Christmas.

Zoey said...

I love all of your Santas, Jean. I have not used any this year, but I have boxes of them in the basement. I used to collect Santa tree ornaments and have enough to do a full sized tree. I haven't done the Santa tree in about 10 years.