Monday, December 15, 2008

You Got Mail!!!

This is Jerzies first look at a Christmas tree this morning. Her parents don't have theirs up yet. She was certainly fascinated. I got the mail right after lunch and there was a card addressed to Jerzie. She loved all the sparkly glitter on the card and

she loved that 'her Santa' was on the card too.

She also got some money that she said she will put in her bank when she gets home.

Thank you Darla for making my little girls day!


Darla said...

My pleasure and thank you so much for posting it so I could see her open it!!! She is adorable. (glad I picked the one with "her Santa" on it)

The Smiths said...

How special! Thanks so much! I love the joy and excitement written all over her face! She is the perfect age to discover and enjoy all the wonderful fun involved with the Christmas season! I hope that she carries it with her forever!

Anonymous said... sweet is that! Darla is a doll for sending Jerzie her own Christmas Card with a little extra treat inside! :)

Cedar ... said...

That is one beautiful little girl, and the series of pics of her with her mail is precious!