Thursday, September 18, 2008

Suspended web

When I went out yesterday morning to water a newly planted plant, the sun was shining just right and I spotted this spider web growing between 2 plants.Of course I ran upstairs and grabbed the camera.
Suspended spider webs fascinate me even tho I'm not fond of spiders.
I'm very excited about the new plant! I offered one of my customers some cone flowers that I was thinning out and she offered a plant she had in return.
A dark pink Japanese Anemone!

As you know from this post these are an all time favorite and dark pink is a great addition to my garden.


Darla said...

Spiders and the webs are amazing. That is a beautiful plant.

Sweetie said...

I love to watch spiders weaving their webs. I have a spider on the outside of a kitchen window weaving. I'll try to get a picture. Yesterday we went to the greenhouse for mums so I'm working outside on this beautiful almost autumn day.

The Smiths said...

Spider webs are nice to look at but they are yucky when you walk into them!!! And I could def do without the spiders as well!!

Connie said...

The spider web is a work of natures art. I don't like spiders but they do eat bugs.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spiderweb! They are so intricate & creative. I love your new Anemone. Beautiful fushia color.

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness, that web is awesome!