Friday, February 08, 2008

Show and Tell

While talking to a customer about my family one day she said she thought her Mother had gone to the same school at about the same time as my Dad. A couple weeks later she brought in her Mothers yearbook and showed me pictures of my Dad.
I mentioned this to my Dad's sister and she said she had his yearbook. I was really excited when she gave it too me.
My Dad is in the second row, second from the left.
I remembered looking at my Mom's yearbook since I was young. We still lived in the same town and it was fun to see people I knew and considered old as young people.
My Mom is in the second row down, on the left.
Mom was salutorian of her class and had saved everything!
The program and the invitation to commencement
and even the invitation to the Semi-Formal Promanade!
My brother and I have really enjoyed learning more about our parents thru these books. Our Father died from polio when we were 4(me) and 6(my brother) and we had very little knowledge of his younger years. My brother had polio at the same time and was in the hospital for a year. My Mom never seemed to be able to talk about Dad with us. I suppose it hurt too much. I am so lucky to have these memories of our parents past.
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Constance said...

What a treasure! Did your dad serve in WW2? I am so in awe of that generation! I know they don't feel like they're anything special but truly, they were!

Mockingbird Hill said...

Oh Jean... one of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to go through my parents year books and read the comments and autographs! It almost seemed scandalous somehow! I haven't thought about that in years...thanks forbringing back some wonderful emeories!

Hope you're feeling better, too..


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh I am so glad these were given to you and you were able to learn more about your father. Thanks for sharing them with us.

nannykim said...

That is so neat to have that!!

Hootin' Anni said...

One word! FANtastic.

[okay so, it's not going to be just one word....I love the fact that you can look back to when your parents were's a lot of fun, isn't it?]

My Show n Tell is posted, I do hope you can find time to stop by.

genny said...

Yes i dont know about my parents background especially about their schooling i just know they did not reach in HS. haha but your entry is cool. Have a nice weekend.

Muum said...

Those are some sad memories, how old was your Dad when he passed away? I am glad you have those treasures to look back to. Thanks for visiting (and commenting!) my blog today.

jennifer said...

Hey Jean..I love the yearbooks. I did that too with my mom's books, found it amazing that she was majorette, and loved the 60's styles. Now my kids look at my yearbooks and laugh at the big eighties hair. Jennifer

Connie Marie said...

It's always fun to see how REAL our parents actually were. I have some letters my Mom wrote while she was young and they give a glimpse into the life that was hers once upon a time.
You have been given a family treasure.

cherished*vintage said...

I enjoyed your post today! I just went through my Mom's college yearbooks from '55 to '58 this week. I had fun finding local people that I know now, and seeing them back then. Thanks for the great show and tell!

Lilli said...

I love those photos! Isn't it wonderful when new information about the past comes up? So cool :)

Barbara H. said...

Oh, how neat to have that memorabilia! So special!

Beemoosie said...

What treasures you have, thank you for sharing them and your stories with us.
Keep warm this weekend!

Jewelgirl said...

Besides my jewelry blog, I do a
family history blog. Your post
gave me chills, because I understand how much these family
treasures mean to you. So glad
you found them, so nice that
you could share them! Hug

Julieann said...

OH!! You have some wonderful treasures---I so enjoyed this show and tell---:)


genny said...

Cool stuff you have here and its a good memories. TC

Tracy said...

What a treasure to have these keepsakes from your parents!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful treasure to have.

Cheryl said...

How super lucky you are to have such treasures!

Jessica said...

Reading your post brought to mind the many hours me and my sister spent poring over my parent's yearbooks. I always thought my my mom looked so elegant in her senior class picture.

This was a really nice S&T.

MammyT said...

A great Show & Tell. Thank you for sharing.