Monday, January 14, 2008

A good day!

Today is Jerzie day and when everyone gets out of work they are coming over for boiled dinner. Jerzie helped me out by making sure I wasn't lonely in the kitchen. This rug is in front of the sink and this is where she was while I was pealing potatoes.She also helped with the pineapple cake by licking the beaters for the cream cheese frosting.
She really seemed to like it!
About the time she got her crayons and Backyardigan color sheets into the kitchen I was done out there.
This is her saying cheese, which she does every time she sees me with a camera in my hand.
We also went to visit my neighbor Anne and she had a water problem and her kitchen rug was soaked. Jerzie played with Anne while I used the shop vac and got up a couple gallons of water. I'm glad we went over because Anne didn't know the vac she brought from her Mom's house picked up water. We're going to take her some dinner so she doesn't have to worry about cooking while the plumber is there. All and all we had a pretty good day!
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1 comment:

Dawn said...

Love the little teeth in the "cheese" pic.