Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Box!

I don't want to make you wait any longer to see what's in this box! If you look real close you can see these darling snowmen on top. They were a little pricey but everything was 30% off so I got my 2 favorites. I stopped at another sale on my way home and found a box in the basement that wasn't marked. I got all these for a buck!
Okay, back to The Box!
I saw these wonderful pastel dishes at the sale and just couldn't stop thinking about them. They were pink, blue, yellow and green (almost teal). After much thought (and an okay from my daughter) I decided I could put my Mom's china away and buy the pastel dishes if they were still there, more than 24 hours later. We are a very sentimental family and I didn't want to upset anyone. Mom's china is safely packed away. I would never get rid of it.
I didn't get off work until after 2 so I ran to the sale. Jane, who runs the sale, was outside when I got there and told me the dishes had gone about 15 minutes earlier. I figured I might as well go in and look around again anyway. Well, the pink dishes had been sold but the blue, yellow and green ones were still there.

I bought the yellow and green ones which were my favorites anyway!

Don't you just love the colors?
The extras were picked over, as everything was sold by the piece but now I'll have something to search household sales and e-bay for!
They are Lu-Ray Pastels.
I just love them! I got them all for around $20. They are perfect in my redone dining room.


T*mmy said...

How pretty they are...I don't believe I've ever seen any like them but will keep my eyes peeled for ya!

Have a great day!

Laurie & Chris said...

Mom ~ It really looks nice. The colors are very pretty!!

PEA said...

I SO love the colours, such gorgeous dishes, Jean!! I can see why you wanted them and they really do look perfect in that china cabinet. The ornaments and figurines you also bought are just darling, especially the two little snowmen:-) Jean, I received the seeds today, thank you so much!! I giggled at the "craft supplies" it when we can fool customs! hehe xox

Zoey said...

Oh, what a great deal you found. I love luray pastels.

They look marvelous in your china cabinet. Those two colors work so well together.

Mockingbird Hill said...

Jean...the pastel dishes look beautiful in your cabinet! Love the contrast against the dark wood. And those candles are the best! The Tag sale angels were definitely on your side..have a great weekend!


kris said...

First chance I've been over here to see what was in your box of goodies - I LOVE the dishes. The colors are great and look really nice in your hutch. I remember my mom having candles like those when we were growing up!