Sunday, September 02, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

It's September and time to harvest!
Do you remember these Japanese lantern?
They are ready to pick.
I strip off the leaves.
This money plant (lunaria)is really ugly!
Time to cut it down.
Peel off a thin layer on the front and back which removes the seeds and reveals a shiny "silver dollar".
Look at all those seeds! If you would like some, just leave a comment and e-mail me your address. Lunaria flowers in the early spring. The flower is similar to a white flocks. I've never opened the seed pod of the lanters but will check it out when they are ready to see about sharing them.An old canning jar and some goldenrod and you have a beautiful fall arrangement! The lanterns and "silver dollars" will last forever.


maiylah said...

wow, that's really wonderful! and so creative! I wish i could have some seeds, but am not so sure if it's possible to grow here (Philippines).

thanks for swinging by,
and happy GTS! :)

RUTH said...

Your arrangement is lovely. What you call money plant we call Honesty as its common name :o)

No Rain said...

What an interesting process. Thanks for sharing. Lovely arrangement.

T*mmy said...

As you know I did post on the "money" plant too and I love your Fall arrangement!
I also sent a Chinese lantern plant I purchased to my little adopted Chinese neice in Ky...I need to call to see if it bloomed...yours sure is pretty!

farmingfriends said...

What a beautiful Autumnal arrangement. Thanks for sharing. Sara from farmingfriends

LostRoses said...

Don't you just love money plant, Jean? It looks so nasty but then the end result is so shiny and pretty! Nice arrangement you made.

PEA said...

Jean, what a beautiful arrangement!! I hadn't seen Chinese Lanterns in years, had completely forgotten about them! Many years ago I had planted some Silver Dollars but didn't know about rubbing off the outside skin! lol I would love some you still have my address? xox

Heather said...

Very cool arrangement. You're so good at this gardening thing!

Zoey said...

Love the Japeneese lanterns with the lunaria.

I tried to grow the lanterns years ago, but they never turned orange. I am just not good with seeds.