Friday, August 17, 2007

More chairs!

These are all normal size chairs. I bought this one a some sale several years ago to go with my roll top desk. I like the cane seat. I have no idea where this one came from. It's upstairs.
This chair was my Grandmother's. I don't know who did the needle point.
I thought this chair was the same at the other but the backs are different. It was my Grandmother's, possibly my Great Grandmothers, too.A friend gave this little rocker to my Grandmother in Florida. I love the simplicity of it.
The next three chairs are a set. They were in my home when I was young. They came from my Father's family.
For some reason my Mom gave them to my Dad's sister. When she passed away I told my cousin I wanted them if no one else did.
My uncle had put plywood under the seats to hold the springs up and reupholstered them with an awful material. My cousin asked if I was sure I wanted the ugly things! All I did was scrub the wood parts and have the seats and backs reupholstered professionally. I LOVE them!
New green camp chairs designed like the old ones.
My deck chairs
Under a tree in my back yard.
This swing hangs by the beauty shop door under the deck. When I'm working in the yard or I have a few minutes between customers I sit in it.
Now all I need is some time to sit in all of my chairs!
I started to think about chairs because of one I didn't buy at a sale. I had no place for it and the color was wrong but I still wish I'd bought it.
It was a great deal!!


Naturegirl said...

They sure don't make the chairs like they used to!! You have a wonderful collection here! I love that double seated one!! The swing looks very inviting..great chairs! Happy weekend

PEA said...

Wow, look at all those chairs, every one of them unique in its own way!! I love it that you have chairs that belonged to your grandparents, how wonderful!! xox

T*mmy said...

The rocker with no Hubby's grandmother had one and I've got a picture of his Grandfather holding Hubby as a infant and he was sitting in that chair...

Chitweed said...

So I'm thinking if a large crowd of people came over for a short visit, with no notice, there would be no problem with seating...
Wow, you have a lot of chairs! Made me start looking around my home. I have some old pieces from family, and ones I've bought myself...but nothing compares to your lovely collection.