Saturday, August 18, 2007

Batman Returns!

My favorite summer Super Hero, Batman, returned today!

When I got home from work after 10 last night I went to the kitchen like always to take my before bed pills. As I was washing the pills down, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a familiar shadow. Can't be! I looked up and sure enough, there was a bat flying around the kitchen. I'm pretty calm about this now since it has been a regular occurrence this summer. Truth be told, I'd much rather be awake and see a bat than be woken up by one frying past my head. I opened the back door and after quite a few circles around the kitchen, it flew out the door.
Needless to say, I called Batman first thing this morning! For anyone new to my blog, I paid Batman $800. this summer to rid my house of bats. If you missed this exciting event just put bat in the blog search and several postings should come up.
My attic has been thoroughly searched and there are no bats to be found. I have a few metal storms upstairs and only one window is open. The storm window was not pushed all the way up when I put down the screen so the was a very small gap. Batman thinks that's where the bat got in because there was a bat dropping on the screen. He also went over the house again because he was unhappy with the helper he had here and fired him. He found a spot they could get in so he put in another baffle so any that might have gotten in there can get out but can't get back in.
I'm really hoping that there will be no more sequels to this story!


PEA said...

Now you need a robin to fly in...then you can say Robin helped Batman!!! Oh I know, that was so lame! lol Isn't it amazing the small openings bats can get through. Hopefully you will no longer have any more problems. xox

Susie said...

I'm glad you were awake when he made his appearance. I hope this guy didn't charge you this time!

OldBagNewTricks said...

Yikes, bats!!!! I really really like and appreciate bats... OUTSIDE. I'm sure if one were zooming around my kitchen I'd lose my little mind!

Oh, and those are some really cute chairs... I have a bit of a chair obsession too... What's up with that?

Hang onto your hats -- to keep the bats outta your hair.