Thursday, August 16, 2007


I just realized I might have a chair obsession! Seems every where I looked I saw a small chair so I decided to take some pictures. This is a child's chair that I got at a household sale for Jerzie to have on the deck with my white wicker.
This child's chair I found in the basement of a friend who was moving. It's in my little bathroom. Works great for a towel rack, don't you think?
This was an old Sunday School chair from my church. We found several and I suggested selling them to raise money for the youth. They sold like hotcakes. This chair is in my entry.
Here is another Sunday School chair. It's in the attic right now, not being used.
This is the beginning of the miniature chairs. This one is in my living room.
I have this one on the table on the deck. A couple more on the deck. I got the green one because it reminded me of camp.
This cute rocker was in a box of "not using but don't get rid of stuff."
This is in my shed, in case I need it in the garden.
I know I have gotten rid of some and there may be more packed away somewhere. Do you think I have a serious problem?


Are We There Yet? said...

love all the chairs

I would love to find a little wicker chair like Jerzie's for my little Ky. She has quite the chair fetish herself. Anywhere we go, if there is a new bench or chair, she has to try it out. She also has a fetish with shoes, but thats another story

T*mmy said...

Nope, I don't think you have a problem, just an interesting collection!
We used to have a theater chair that was redone and mounted on a platform. I used to try to imagine all the movies it might have seen...
We didn't bring it with us to Ohio though, left it with the young man that helped us load the U-haul...he got a bunch of stuff that he was a happy camper!!

cityfarmer said...

Anything miniature makes my heart throb