Sunday, August 19, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Today I'm showing you what I would have to say is my all time favorite flower. I know, I have a lot of favorites but I do love everything about this plant.

I love the way that it mounds and looks so full.
I love the shape of the leaves and the dark burgundy stems.
I love the way the buds grow above the leaves so gracefully and I love their color and how plump they get before they open.
I love the simple pink flowers. I love that is blooms now when a lot of other flowers are gone.
This is the Japanese Anemone, Amemone x hybrida. It will grow in full sun (in cooler climates), partial shade or shade in hot climates. There are other types and I will show you some when they bloom, but this one is my favorite. They spread quickly and look best when planted in clumps.
I wrote a short post about them last year that you might get a chuckle out of. Check it out here.
So there you have it! My all time favorite. What's yours?
I have a truck load of mulch in my backyard, so guess where I'm going. Come on over and give me a hand if there's nothing to do in your garden! (hehe!!)


RUTH said...

Would love to help you out with your mulching (though would probably want to sneak some home for myself...LOL) I agree Japanese Anemones are lovely and so hand for me as they don't mind bit of shade. Sadly they were a bit TOO vigourous for my small garden so have had to cut down on them now. I really couldn't choose a favourite flower though I do like ones with quirky shapes like my Toad Lilies. Happy GTS

farmingfriends said...

I'd love to come and help but I think the UK is a bit far at this short notice!
I love the plant you have chosen - I haven't got one so my get one and see how it grows in my garden.
My alltime favourite is the sunflower.
Sara from farmingfriends

No Rain said...

It is a lovely flower, but I prefer the bright one in your previous post about them. Is it also a Japanese Anemone?

T*mmy said...

very pretty!!

PEA said...

The Japanese Anemones are certainly a beautiful plant and like you, I love the simple pink flower! I would love to come help you with the mulch but my veggie garden is keeping me very busy at the moment! lol xox

Muum said...

lovely! These are blooming, I posted a pic on my blog, too. Seems early, though? my fave? hard to say- lilacs, maybe..... mostly whatever I am looking at at the moment!

Muum said...
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kris said...

Japanese anemone is one of my top favorite plants too, and I agree with everything you wrote about it. The earlier post is too funny.

Zoey said...

Those are very pretty, Jean.

My favorite is whatever happens to be blooming at the time you ask.

I think tulips are my favs--probably because they are rare at my house (deer) and they last such a short time.