Sunday, July 08, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Like everyone else, my lilies are beginning to bloom. Unlike most others, I have no idea what the names of my lilies are. I just enjoy them.
These are some wild lilies that were here when I bought the house.
The next 2 are regular lilies.

These are 2 of my day lilies that have just started to bloom.

The sea holly is just beginning to turn blue. I think it is quite interesting.This is a new plant I got for my shade garden.It is astrantia/major lars. I really like the blooms and the color. It grows quite tall and is supposed to spread fast. They had a white one too but I like this color.
I'm glad to see my raspberry spirea is blooming. It was moved a few weeks ago but seems to have survived .
I'm not sure what these flowers are. I almost pulled them out as weeds.
In fact, they may be weeds but I like them and will let them stay even if they are!
I'm hoping the rest of my plants are as tough as this Johnny-jump-up is. All my garden areas have been through a lot this year. We had to remove a tree in my large garden area (see the last 2 posts), a new area was planted on the side of the house with stuff that was growing in other areas, my middle garden is being enlarged and I had to move several things in my shade garden because I bought new plants.I think I'll leave everything alone now and just hope it grows!


farmingfriends said...

Hi Jean,
What alot of beautiful coloured lilies you have in your garden. Which one is your favourite?
Sara from farmingfriends

RUTH said...

You have some beautiful lilies. I do like that sea holly too. In fact I love all of your flowers. Lovely photos and Happy GTS

Muum said...

love to see your flowers. The lilies are great!

Susie said...

Your lilies are blooming just slightly later than mine. I love that sea holly too. That's new to me!

No Rain said...

Great lily photos in so many colors. I enjoyed them.

Laurie & Chris said...

Mom, Your lilies sure look nice.

Curtis said...

It really doesn't matter if one doesn't know what their names are. They are still Beautiful.

Crafty Gardener said...

Your yellow flowers look like heliopsis. I've got a photo or two of them on my blog.

kris said...

Great photos - everything looks so pretty!