Saturday, July 07, 2007

A very busy day!

Busy day today. Work, garden tour, tree removal, dig up plants and work again.Laurie and Chris came over to remove the bad branches from my diseased tree. There were holes everywhere so the whole tree had to go.Kim, Tabatha and Jerzie were here too. Jerzie had to show them all how she swims before we got to work. Chris, Laurie and Kim worked on the tree while Tabatha and I dug up plants. Jerzie supervised the whole operation!
I had sprayed the birdhouse but it didn't look like too much in there. We did find a couple small green worms but mostly just packed with a nest.I still have no idea what ate my tree but it had been at it for awhile. The garden looks funny without it but since it was a willow I might be able to get the stump to send up some sprouts. Thanks for the help kids!

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OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh No -- I'm so sorry you've lost your lovely Pink Pussy Willow. It is a good thing you're such a good gardener and noticed so soon -- hopefully these nasty no--good-nik borer bugs haven't infected any other trees or shrubs. We've had issues recently with borers attackingAsh trees -- bad year to be a tree. Good thing Jerzie was supervising the whole thing.