Friday, July 06, 2007

Believe it or not!

This is my pink pussy willow tree in the center of my garden. I like the shade and height it adds to the space. Plus, I love the pussy willows in the spring!I had this old birdhouse setting in the Y of the tree. The other day I noticed it on the ground. I picked it up and saw...
...this inside. I also saw what I thought was a hornet crawling on it. I dropped it real fast and got out of the garden! I went back later with bug spray and removed it.
Later when I was planting all my new plants I noticed something on the tree.

Then I saw this pile of sawdust and yellow leaves on the bench under the tree.Some kind of borer is boring into the tree and laying eggs. There are all kinds of borers. Several beetle types and some catipillars. Some that only like willow trees. I'm guessing whatever was living in the birdhouse was eating my tree.
Several of the leaves are turning yellow and they only thing to do is cut off the injured branches. Most chemicals that work on borers are no longer available.
Chris has been dying to use his new chainsaw so he will be coming to cut off the branches that are affected. I may end up loosing the whole tree. There is no way we can dig out the roots to plant another since it is right in the middle of the garden.

Can you believe I'm having more critter problems? I thought I'd had enough already! On a good note, batman was here today and the bats "have left the building!" The house is all sealed up and I'm guaranteed no bats for a year from today!


PEA said...

Oh dear, what a shame that your tree will have to get cut down or at least partially...between critters and varmints, it gets so frustrating doesn't it!! We're having earwig infestations here right now and ooooh how I hate them things! xox

T*mmy said...

Those bats sure do love you...teehee!! I hope batman has eliminated the problem for good!!