Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Garden work

I started working on my middle garden this week. This is the garden from the back. There are globe thistles planted here at the very back of the garden. I dug out several last year but still have lots. They are great for arrangements. I dug all of the thistles out.Then I dug a trench to plant them in. I forgot to take a picture but before I planted them I put the iron crib ends behind the foxgloves
Then I replanted them all. They look real bad and probably are done for this year but I'm sure enough will survive for next year.
This is the back of the garden. The tree in the middle is a Rose of Sharon.
I've also been moving things out of this garden that volunteered and that I didn't want there. I'll move on to the front next.

We had some rain yesterday but could still use more. It has been too hot to work outside for me. Today is

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Beth from Morning Glories said...

It looks wonderful! I can't wait for the day when I have to rip things out because the garden is too full.