Saturday, May 19, 2007

Out front

I had a hard time growing bushes on the left side of the front of my house. Every winter ice would fall off the roof and ruin the bushes. I gave up and planted hosta. At a quick glance it looks like bushes and since they come up new every year the ice doesn't hurt it.My azalea bush is beautiful this year! You can see the lilies of the valley and goutweed under it.The bush next to the azalea is a holly bush and it's blooming now too. I'd always heard that you need two bushes to get blooms but mine flowers and has berries every year.
The front of the house is pretty low maintenance. I have plenty of work to do every where else!


"Early Bird" said...

Oh I just love hosta's when they are that pretty and full!!

PEA said...

Certainly a great idea to plant hostas there...they do indeed fill the area so nicely!! I just love your holly plant, never known anyone to grow those before! I looked everywhere for Barrenwort but nobody has them so I guess we don't have the right zone for them over here...darn! lol xox

OldRoses said...

I love the colors you painted your house!