Sunday, May 20, 2007

In the garden

We've had a cool and wet week and the flowers sure seem to like it! We've also had some frost but I have several things blooming and many others growing well. I've done a few posts on flowers this week because so much was blooming, so check out my other posts.

I just add the creeping phlox last year but it's doing quite well. I love seeing it cascade down a hill but I don't really have a spot for that.

I also planted my first Allium last year. This is the only one that bloomed this spring but I'm not giving up. I think I'll try some different types this year.
I have wild strawberries that planted themselves down the gravel steps to my shop. I have to keep them in control but the customers, young and old, love them. You can check out the area I'm talking about here.
This clematis blooms twice a season. It goes up a ladder leaning on my shed. It's full of buds and the ones on top are beginning to open.

The variegated Solomon Seal is blooming but it doesn't get as tall or full as the regular one.
This Solomon Seal is at least 4 feet tall. I love the little flowers. It is really full but I'm afraid to separate it because it's so pretty now.
I love English daisy. These are in another new area I planted last year. I think I'll add to them this year.
I'm not sure what this is but I think others called then mine iris. I've had them several years and think they were free with some mail order plants. They aren't quite as blue as they appear here.
I have bachelor buttons everywhere! After this blooming I have to get rid of some. I usually just set plants out by the shop door along with some plastic bags and tell people to please take some. I hate to get rid of good plants and that's part of the reason most of my gardens are fairly wild looking.
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I'm going out to work in the garden for awhile. I'll come visit a little later.


"Early Bird" said...

What lovely flowers you have! :)

ACey said...

well the frost hasn't stopped your garden blooms! It's still raining here and quite chilly but my garden is moving right along...

Sara said...

Just fantastic photos of lovely plants and flowers.
Sara from farmingfriends

PEA said...

Oh Jean, everything is really starting to bloom for you, how wonderful!! We had frost again this morning, even snow flurries! Ugh! I've got a lot of plants coming up from seeds I planted a few weeks ago so hopefully I'll have lots of colour in the next few weeks:-) xox

Deb said...

Loved seeing your flowers and plants! I have a clematis, too, and am trying to trellis train it. It's only put out 2 flowers so far.

Hope you have a really nice Sunday!

chigiy said...

Your garden looks beautiful. You have a nice variety of flowers blooming. I like your clematis.

Leonie said...

You have some lovely flowers in your garden. I love the solomon's seal, I have a small one in my garden.

Deb said...

Your flowers are looking beautiful already! I have many of the same varieties at about the same stage. Except the clematis~for some reason I cannot get it to grow anywhere!

Opal: Vegan Momma said...

Truly lovely!

I love clematis mine has taveled it's way up my fence. It's one of my featured flowers in Green Thumb Sunday.

Ottawa Gardener said...

We have had low temps here to and I am 'bored' of it but the plants don't seem to mind too much. Your iris is lovely whatever the variety.

OldBagNewTricks said...

Your garden blooms beautifully! Our weather has been up and down so much that most of my plants don't know weather to bloom or duck for cover. It's a strange year, but your garden appears to enjoy it quite a lot.


Kate said...

Don't give up with the Alliums - I planted a few different types and it seemed to take them time for them to become established... now they have spread throughout one of my flowerbeds.

Your clematis is a beautiful colour! I love it.

Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful photos from your garden. You have many of the plants that I do. Mine are just slightly behind yours. I'm looking forward to lots of blooms on my clematis this year.