Thursday, May 03, 2007

More deck work

Someone gave me these plastic planters several years ago. They work well on the deck but I wanted a new look.I bought this at Walmart.
A little spraying and the planters look like this now.
I really like the stone look and you can't get much easier. I will spray them with the clear coat when they dry so the texture will hold up in the rain.
I also planted this box with Moon Flower seeds. I have never planted these before but they are vines and are supposed to smell wonderful. I want to train them up string on the "close neighbor" end of the deck. It would really be nice if they smelled so good it blocked out the cigarette smoke stink!
Planting tip: To plant large, heavy containers, put packing peanuts in the bottom of the container. The container will be lighter, you will need less potting soil and the peanuts work great for drainage. Plus you make use of something that is not biodegradable and bad for our landfills.
Just don't tell too many people or everyone will bring you theirs and you may end up buried under packing peanuts!


PEA said...

Such a great idea about the packing peanuts!! I'll have to make use of that tip:-) I so love how you spray painted those planters...they look terrific with that stone look! You always come up with such great ideas:-) I've never planted those kind of flowers before but good luck with them! xox

Naturegirl said...

Great idea with the packing peanuts..I also have been doing that for a few years! I have also specled some rabbits (ornamental of course) but have not used that clear Kote! Thank you for the tip! hugs NG

Anita said...

Oh, I've never heart of stone touch spray before...

Good luck with your seeds! I almost got lost the all my seed packages. But finally, most of the "sowing work" in the garden is done and I wonder how my borders will look like in a couple of weeks from now.

Happy gardening and I am looking forward to welcoming you again at my litte Country Cottage Garden!

Best wishes from Germany!