Friday, May 04, 2007

Tulips and thyme

I use this croquet stake for a hose guard. The mallets are cool too but harder to find.One lonely orange tulip.
These two are really peach colored.
They are beautiful from any direction.
These are the tulips with the stripe on the leaves. They aren't quite open yet.

Lemon thyme.

I love all kinds of thyme. It all smells wonderful. I think I have 5 different kinds but this is the only one blooming now.


PEA said...

My tulips are just about ready to open...probably by Sunday they'll be opened. We've been having such glorious weather...I was outside most of today getting all my patio furniture out of the shed and put together. Love your tulips, such wonderful colours:-) xox

"Early Bird" said...

My friend had some "lemon balm" I don't know if that is the same thing or not...I didn't pick any up though...