Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mini ottoman

I had this hand made macrame stool on my deck. It really didn't go with the new look so I decided to revamp it. First I cut foam to fit the top, cutting out the corners because of the legs.
Then I laid the piece of upholstery material to cover all sides. I got one yard of the material for $5.00.
I loosely pinned the sides to remove the excess material.
Then cut away the extra and after removing the pins placed it back on the stool inside out. I sewed the seams and cut away any excess.
I placed it back on the stool and measured 2 inches from the floor to create an even hem. After hemming it on the machine, I sewed on the ball fringe. I couldn't resist the fringe because it was 40% off and a perfect match.
Now instead of a stool that doesn't match, I have a stylish mini ottoman!
I'm sure there are ways to do this without so much waste but I wanted as little sewing as possible and I'm not patient enough to make a pattern first. I did all the sewing on the machine because, after all, it's just on the deck.


Laurie and Chris said...

Mom~ Your mini ottoman turned out really cute!!

Carole Burant said...

Oh wow, that looks great Jean! You did a fabulous job covering it up and it really does look like a brand new ottoman:-) Love the colour and the fringe just finishes up the look perfectly!! xox

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Well Done! I've been meaning to do something similar when I find the right piece of furniture at a secondhand store :)