Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Here's my calender page for May. Lupine is one of my favorites and I love the bright spring colored paper Laurie used.I was going out this morning to work in the yard but it was raining so I went to do errands instead. We're having a thunder storm now.
I found a couple more things that are blooming. These are trillium. I tried digging up some from the woods but they never came back so I bought some bulbs.
Laurie gave me this violet. It was a small plant and now they are everywhere! I have them in with the primroses so I don't care. The leaves are a pretty color.
The grape hyacinth are blooming too. The tulips should be next.

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PEA said...

Such beautiful flowers already coming up and in bloom! My tulips have yet to open but at least my daffodils started opening today...all 5 of them! lol It's getting cloudy here and looks like we might get some rain tonight. xox