Monday, April 30, 2007

Fat Lip!!

Wouldn't you know Jerzie got her first fat lip at Grandma's! She toppled over face first! Click to enlarge and you can see two red marks on her upper lip and some blood(!!) on her shirt. She spent a lot of time sleeping today. She went to her cousin's birthday party at the park yesterday and really played hard. I couldn't resist this pic of her sleeping with her doggy.
Well, I finally gave in and mowed my lawn after J. left. It really needed it. I would have had a hard time if I had waited any longer. It'll probably need it again in a couple days. Nothing like a fresh mowed lawn!
I'm planning on expanding the flower bed in the middle this year. The foxgloves have already gone out into the lawn.
My shade garden is in this corner and the day lillies go the length of the lawn on the left.
The garden on the left of the shed is bushes. A hydrangea and an azalea to name a couple. My bird bath goes in there too. The ladder has a clematis growing on it. The spot on the right has iris, fever few and Indian Summer to name a few. I just put the wheel barrow in last fall. It came from our friends camp and has a metal wheel. Sweet peas are going to grow over it.
The maple trees are budding. Isn't the sky beautiful?
I took all these pics from my deck.


Laurie & Chris said...

AWWWW! Poor baby J!! Your lawn looks nice. Wish I had lawn to mow:(

Susie said...

Love the green lawn and the beautiful blue sky. I know you're glad spring has sprung!!
Poor baby J!! I bet she got plenty of hugs and kisses for the boo boo!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Lovely spring photos! Your granddaughter is precious! I just LOVE photos of sleeping babies!

PEA said...

Awww, poor little probably hurt you more than her though! lol She's such a little sweetheart. You're a bit ahead of us where the trees, flowers and lawns are turn is coming soon though! lol xox

Jules said...

Green i suddenly realised how much i miss green,we are in the midst of our worst drought Ever and i really miss green grass.Love your yard i bet it smells nice after its mown.

Jammy said...

Wow, What a BEAUTIFUL green lawn!!!! So lucious looking!!