Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Junkers Paradise!

This week is city cleanup. We can put all our junk on the curb and the garbage men will pick it up. If no one else gets it first, that is! If you know me at all you know that I love junk! When I throw something out you can be sure that it is worthless! I got mine out by 10 am. Do you see that thing leaning on the tree? It's a $500. macrame swing with a foot rest. My friend gave it to me because he couldn't sit up in it. My whole family tried to set it up so we could sit in it but couldn't We tried to sell it at our garage sale but it's pretty hard to sell something when it doesn't work right. I e-mailed my friend and he said to get rid of it. I feel bad even though it wasn't my money but I can't just store it forever.
Before 10:30 a lady pulled up and asked if she could have the video drawers. She knew "someone who had a fire that needed everything". Yea, right!
I left to run errands and when I came home about 1:00 the audio tape drawer was gone and so was the swing. They had also pulled stuff out of the boxes.
I wonder what will be left when I get home from work at 10. I'll check then but there's no way I'm getting up at 5 am. to check before the garbage men come. I've even heard the guys on the radio talking about having a list of things they were looking for. The other side of town is next week. That's like going to a 2 week free frea market! Maybe I'll have to go for a drive before work to see if I can find anything good!


PEA said...

LOL I'm comin' right over to do some "shopping"!! hehe Hey when someone takes stuff from the road like that, is it called "drive by shopping"?? lol xox

misti said...

They do that around here too. I have to say I did go up and ask someone if I could take their really cute loveseat. It was barely in bad condition, just a few scratches, and now we've got an awesome couch! But I did feel a bit skeevy trash diving. lol!