Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cold Pizza anyone?

Happy April Fools Day!
This is the Lenten Rose. Laurie and I bought them together and hers bloomed last year and mine didn't. Do you think she was trying to rub that in by putting it in the calender she made me?

A local dairy farm opened a restaurant in 1975 that made their own ice cream Aldrich Beef and Ice Cream Parlor. Twenty four years ago they were challenged to make an ice cream that tasted like beef gravy. A tradition was born! Every April Fools Day since, they have made an "interesting" new ice cream flavor just for that day. This year they made 50 gallons (the most ever made for April 1st) of Pizza Ice Cream! Some of their flavors have included Pork and Beans, Full of Baloney, Chicken Wing, Spinach Ripple, Sauerkraut,Sufferin' Succatash (corn, lima beans and pimentos) and Popcorn (2006). They even made Peachmint in honor of President Clinton. I must confess, I've never even thought of trying any of these flavors but it is always fun to see what they come up with. How about you, would you give it a try?


Susie said...

The flavors sound "different" all right!
Guess I'm not too adventurous, because I'm not even tempted by any of them!!

"Early Bird" said...

Gak...I don't think so!
Happy April Fool's Day!