Saturday, March 31, 2007

More spring sights.

I went out and trimmed my hedge today. It's another nice day. I love to work when it is cool outside. It's almost 60. I've never trimmed the hedge before the leaves come out before but it grew a lot longer this year because of the warm weather. I like the hedge as it's at the back of my lot but it is as tall as I am so it's very hard to trim. I cut it down pretty good. Maybe I'll decide to trim it this early every year.
A couple of my prim roses are blooming. The blue one was blooming in December! Some of my pink ones are starting too.
I have them down the stairs on one side.The myrtle around the tree out front is beginning to bloom.
My daughter gave me these tulips last year. I had forgotten about them until I noticed the colored leaves today. I can't remember what color the flowers are.
One lonely daffodil in bloom.
I was surprised to see this pansy already blooming.
This one too! Okay I cheated! I confess! The daffodil and the pansy are at my neighbors! They get more sun so theirs always bloom first. But I really was surprised to see the pansy.

I love this time of year when things change from morning to night. A couple more days and my daffodils should be out. Our weather looks good for awhile. I keep expecting a drastic change for the worse!


Dawn said...

Lucky color in the yard here..

LostRoses said...

I like your pink-striped tulip leaves! I don't remember seeing any like that.

Zoey said...

Wow, you have a lot of things in bloom already! I have nothing...not even a crocus yet. It's still too cold here. I WISH it was 60, so I could get some work done!

I've got some of those striped leaves tulips, too. I think mine are red.