Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Come on in and get comfortable.

Today is more living room. I'm going to show you the furniture too so you can see the placement of all my "stuff". You can see my nativity on the table to the left. These are on the "coffee table" which is actually a piano bench that my Grandfather made for my Mother well over 50 years ago. I recovered it with a cream leather type fabric. I'd always had it upstairs but love having it where I use it every day.

I love these old tree toppers. I also have a star light, and a bubble light in this. I think I found it at Target on a clearance shelf. The doily is one of my Moms. I got the candle stand in Lancaster from the Amish. It had apples on it when I bought it but sanded them off when my decor changed.
This is my spot. This chair is a recliner. I'd always wanted one but didn't like the way they looked. I love this chair and it is on an inside wall and over a heat duct so it's nice and cozy even in winter.
Tomorrow we will be on to the dinning room. I hope you are enjoying your visits.


Laurie and Chris said...

Mom~ No wonder none of us want to leave when we come to visit.Everything is really warm and cozy. There are alot of memories at Christmas time in the living room and on the livingroom floor. (We as in us kids still sit on the floor to open our Christmas stocking bright and early Christmas morning.)We all LOVE it !!!

savvycityfarmer said...

Can I have a room for the night please?

Susie said...

Your home just looks so homey and inviting. "Your" chair looks like the perfect place to curl up and relax!

Carole Burant said...

What a wonderful living room you have and I just love the way you have everything placed...your decorations are also beautiful!! I love the idea of the old tree toppers, etc, in that glass vase...I might have to borrow that idea:-) I'm so enjoying my tour...more please!! xoxo

homespun living said...

Your room looks very cosy and ready for the holidays. I really like the recliner!