Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm in Trouble!

When my kids see this post I'm going to be in big trouble! As I've said before I have a deck that is on the second floor of my house. That deck has a roof. I used to be worried about the weight of the snow on the almost flat roof so I would shovel the roof. Last year I decided that I'm in no shape (too old and sore from fibromyalgia) to do that anymore and if the roof collapsed I'd just call my insurance agent. I said I was not going out there anymore! Well, I'm having some leakage on my bedroom ceiling from the ice on the roof backing up. I told Laurie that I just couldn't worry about it and I'd just have to repaint the ceiling. This morning I saw more spots so..... when I got done work I went up stairs and thawed the storm window and
climbed out the window with my snow shovel and ice chopper. That's me with one foot out the window!
I figured I might as well take some pictures while I was up there. That's my brown shed.
You can see the hedge that I had to shovel off the other day. The close buildings that you see don't have a street to them. There are long driveways that come between the top row of houses. My property line goes to the garage and ends at the fireplace (not mine)next to it
It's really a beautiful day. Look at that blue sky! Can you tell we're on the third floor?
I shoveled some snow where the water seems to come in . See how thick the ice is. I chopped as much as I could without damaging the roof.
Hopefully I didn't make it worse. Obviously, since I am writing about this I am back inside safe and sound! Laurie, I didn't get stuck in the window! (She's afraid because of my fibro I won't be flexible enough to get in and out the window).


TJ said...

What some people won't do for blog fodder...LMBO!!
Of course I would not have laughed if you had fallen..."What Were You Thinkin'?????"

Laurie and Chris said...

Glad to hear you didn't get stuck in the window:) I remember you telling us somethings are better kept to your self so I guess I will keep what Chris is thinking to myself!! Glad you are OK!

Carole Burant said...

Oh Jean...I'm SO glad to hear you didn't get hurt or stuck!! Nice of you to take pictures for us while you were up there though! LOL Gosh, you are one brave lady..I'm terrified of heights so no way would I have been able to go out that window!!! xoxo

Susie said...

Look at all that snow and ice!
Glad you are safe and sound!
I've been trying to capture pictures of my squirrel flying through mid air to eat at the bird feeder. He's something to see!