Friday, February 23, 2007


Thanks for your comments on how you became a blogger! C'mon, Hope, bite the bullet and join us! Thanks for your kind comments.
Yes, I still have my real Christmas wreath on the front door. I got it for $15. at the grocery store I work at and it hasn't dropped a needle yet so why take it down.
I did not expect to blog about this again but I didn't expect what we got either. Can you read this yard stick? No it isn't upsidedown! 12 inches on the beauty shop steps! I'm not sure how much it actually snowed because the wind was unreal and I have drifts where I never have before.
Like about 18 inches at my front door! Believe it or not there is a concrete step in front of my door. I don't remember ever pushing snow with the door to get out. It was about 6 inches at my back door and it's covered with a deck. It's a good thing the snow was light !
It's not too cold today. 16 right now and beautiful sunshine. I need to go out and dig out my car so I can go to work tonight.


TJ said...

you got some nice shots there...I'm like you "enough already"!!

Carole Burant said...

Yesterday it was blowing and snowing over here too and today it was sunny but was -8F when I got up this morning. I want Spring...but that won't happen here until at least April! Sigh! xox

savvycityfarmer said...

My wreaths came down was sorta nice here...but some stuff movin in for you just have to delete those danglin snowmen by the comment button and we're set for spring.hehe

Beemoosie said...

Cute post! we had two days of 40 degree weather this week, so when we woke up to snow and cold my heart said "NO NO NO! It's spring!" My mind said, "sorry dear, it's only February!"