Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow people, away!

I told you I was sick of snow! I took all of my snowpeople down today! I usually leave them up until spring but just couldn't handle it any more. This blog is next, as soon as my wonderful, talented son-in-law has time!I don't have the house put back yet but I'll work on it tomorrow while I watch Jerzie.I like to change some things around a little when I take decorations down.
I made one of my favorite snacks and thought you might like it.
These are the ingredients. As you can see I use everything sugar free or low fat. A friend who's diabetic said she could eat it if she used no sugar Cool Whip.
Start with room temp cream cheese and beat in pudding mix and cool whip. When well blended stir in pineapple with juice. Refrigerate for a couple hours.
I use graham cracker sticks but you can use plain graham crackers.Just dip and eat!
Delicious and very low cal. I usually eat it for lunch. Enjoy!


TJ said...

I bought some birdseed for our poor hungry birds!! As I was walking out of Walmart with it I thought I hope this is kind of like buying or bringing an umbrella and then it doesn't rain!!
The dip looks beyond NUMMY!!

Susie said...

I have that same recipe for dip! You're right, it's yummy! I also use it with fresh fruit dippers too!
I thought I had lots of snowmen, but I believe you've got just as many!!

Dawn said...

Looks yuumy, Jean..!

Naturegirl said...

Oh now come on I am trying to get off sweets..I know you said sugar free but it's the idea that it's dessert....I just have to say no.
Must remeber this for when bookclub comes over!hugs NG

Carole Burant said...

Oh yummmmm that dip looks and sounds sooo delish! I've never had that before so I'll save the recipe:-) xox