Friday, January 26, 2007

Winter Decor

Winter Decor
Intricate forms of filigree capture eye and mind
As I look at the frost on the window and see nature's splendid design.
Dramatic, dainty, elegant, surreal -an enchanting window-dress -
And windows in a tiny home have donned winter's best.
Joan Adams Burchell

These pictures were taken this morning in my upstairs, which I don't use or heat in winter. The temp when I got up this am was 3.


Tammy said...

wow...that was colder than us...we were 12 degrees...brr...what fanciful designs!!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Yes, it is really cold! Taking a moment to catch up on your blog. Love and enjoyed it all! So glad to hear your feeling better!

Susie said...

Brrrr! We're a balmy 46 and that feels damp and chilly to us!!
Love the designs!

PEA said...

We had -17F yesterday but today it's a bit milder at 10F! lol What gorgeous designs frost can make on windows, nature's lace!! Beautiful! Stay warm!! Hugs xox

Zoey said...

Those frosted windows would make very chic framed artwork.