Saturday, January 27, 2007


Guess what I'll be doing the next couple days! Everything is ready and I'm really tired of having my bathroom a mess! I'm hoping to get the papering done before work tomorrow.

For those of you that have asked, the shower is still NOT leaking! I'm almost afraid to say those words. I sure hope it continues.

Today when I got up it was 28 degrees and now it's 34! What a difference from the 3 yesterday! It was even raining a little. I got the front walk to the house scraped down to bare concrete. I think I'll go work on the main sidewalk and open the doors and windows while I'm out there to get rid of my cold germs.


Susie said...

Can't wait to see pictures when you're done. We have rain here too!
but it's 50ยบ!

Tammy said...

Have fun...and like Sue some pics later!!

PEA said...

I think your cold germs just walked into my house! lol I woke up this morning with a doozy of a head cold...ugh! I can imagine how anxious you are to get your bathroom all your choice of wallpaper!!