Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Welcome to my kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen. Help yourself to a cup of coffee.This is on the left as you walk into the kitchen. I have made 2 other inserts for this. One is for everyday and the other is a snowman. When I take down Christmas I leave up the snowmen for winter and I change the insert.

I usually have Fiesta dishes on this for everyday. My Mom made the reindeer magnet (it's actually my son's and I'm sure he'll want it one day).When you press it it plays Rudolph and the nose lights up and blinks. There is little Jerzie on their Christmas card, on the frig.

Here is my village up on top of the cabinets. It's a pain to put up there but I don't have anywhere else big enough and I do like it there once it's done.

This wooden bowl was handed down to me by my Grandmother. I'm not really sure of the history. There is a chopper that goes with it. It always sits on the counter.

We will be spending a couple more days in the kitchen. Sorry, but we aren't making cookies until Sunday. My son has always helped me so now he and his wife both help. At least we should be able to keep Jerzies fingers out this year!


Autumn said...

Very pretty! I love the houses you have on top of your cabnit, and your walls are beautiful. I live in an apartment so we only have white.

PEA said...

Oh my goodness, what an excellent idea to put your village on top of the cupboards!!! I never would have thought to do that and it looks so wonderful! Your house is just beautiful with all its Christmassy decor!!!