Monday, December 11, 2006

The last of the dining room

First we have to have our Monday pic of Jerzie. I cheated today. My daughter took this picture a week ago but I love it and knew you would too.
The china closet is full of Christmas dishes just waiting for Christmas Eve. I put a few extra things in the secretary for the holidays.

My block puzzle, that I wrote about here, depicts the true meaning of Christmas.
I just found these miniature Christmas books. They are from the 1930's. Aren't they adorable? I just had to have them!
I got this nativity that my Aunt Sig made when she went into a nursing home.
It sets on top of my Great Grandmothers book case. Next to the bookcase is a settee that belonged to my Dad's family. My Mom gave it to my Aunt Sig (Dad's sister) several years ago. There is a straight chair and a rocking chair to go with it. I told my cousin if no one in their family wanted it, I did. The wood was in good shape, it just took a lot of scrubbing, but the upholstery was awful. My uncle had done it. I had the springs fixed and had it reupholstered. I love it. Now I have all the pieces that were in our dining room as I was growing up.
Well, that's it for the dining room. Next is the kitchen. I'll put the coffee pot on but I haven't made any Christmas cookies yet!


PEA said...

Jerzie is just the cutest little thing!! Love the little tshirt:-) More beautiful decorations...I would love to be able to go to your house to admire everything!! Hmmm, you better start baking cookies today if we're all coming over for coffee tomorrow!!!! hehe

Sue said...

I'd hire Pea to do my Christmas baking, since she's all done with everything! Your Jerzie is just a doll baby!
Loved the old golden books. Do you have green depression glass? I have a small amount from my great grandma.
It's very Christmasy!