Sunday, December 10, 2006

The tree

My daughter, son-in-law and I got our trees yesterday. They will tell you about it here. I had to go to work so I decorated it today. It's in the dining room so I'll show it to you today. Here it is with the lights and the beaded angel my Mom made. You can see the angel up close here. The red and green spots are bubble lights.

Here it is all done. I used to always add tinsel but haven't decided yet this year. My tree is like my house, very eclectic. I have vintage bulbs but they are not family items. I don't know where all that stuff went.

I remember bubble lights being on my Grandparents tree when I was little so that is why I have them.

I also remember these birds on their tree. I have some reproductions but this one is really from the 50's. One of my customers found a couple in an attic so he gave them to me.

I also have lots of bead ornaments that my Mom made. This is one of my favorites. She made one style for adults and one for kids every year so my kids have different ones than I have.
On the far right you can see a twisted tin icicle. I have some short and some longer. I remember plastic icicles on our tree as a kid but I've never run across any.I certainly but them if I find them

I'll post more decorations later but we're on to more dining room tomorrow.


Patty said...

I recently found your blog and wanted to stop in and tell you how pretty everything looks. I have enjoyed looking at your beautiful decorations.

Dawn said...

Your tree is pretty, Jean...

Susie said...

Your tree looks so nice. I mentioned bubble lights in my post today. Yours look very much like the ones I remember!

Smalltown RN said...

Your home is gorgeous and so tastefully decorated...I love your feastive blog...wonderful job. I remember my parents having those bird ornaments...loved those....

Thanks for visiting my blog...merry berries to you!!!


Amy said...

Hi Jean - thanks for visiting me today :)

Lovely decorations! Bird are my favourite.

I know where you can find icicles similar to the one you have. is known for their gardening and woodworking tools, but they sell some love antique reproduction ornaments too. Their last catalog had icicles and I bet they're in the online store too. Happy hunting!

Carole Burant said...

You're a girl after my own heart, loving Christmas decorations so much!! hehe It all looks so wonderful and I just LOVE your Christmas tree! I still put icicle on mine...not too many people do anymore but I don't care, I always put some on:-) I don't remember the bubble lights although I have heard of them...I'll have to ask my mom if she ever had any!