Monday, October 09, 2006

A Glorious Day

The color this week is goldenrod. This was growing by the creek. The crayon color doesn't really look like this but I figured I had about every yellow color covered with the next two pictures!

We had a wonderful day at Allegheny! The weather was beautiful and almost too warm for a fall day. We had tons of food and then we went for a long walk as the guys played frisbee golf and looked for crayfish. My two guys are living proof that you can still have fun playing in the creek even if you are over thirty! I can't think of a better way to spend a day than with my family in such a gorgeous setting!


Laurie and Chris said...

Mom ~ Your pictures turned out really nice. It really was a great relaxing day. Mother nature sure knew what she was doing today!

Dawn said...

Lovely autumn shots, Jean...Glad the day was beautiful for your picnic.

Susie said...

Hi Jean,
Thanks for stopping by to wish me a Happy Birthday! I loved the beautiful pictures you've posted here..
I'll be back to visit you again!