Monday, May 06, 2013

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Spring has really sprung early in Western New York!  We've had sun and temps in the 70's every day for over a week.  Only problem with that is we need rain.  I tried to weed Sunday and it was impossible.  There was no way all the roots came out. On the bright side, we have lots of bloomin' goin' on!
 I love the Fritilary Lily.  The checkered is my favorite.  They lasted less than a week.
 The Trillium are bloomin' in the shade garden.  I planted more last year but no blooms on them .
 Soft purple Creeping Phlox are well started.
 Grape Hyacinth and orange tulips, about the only ones the deer didn't eat. I love the color combo.
 Lots of Forget-Me-Nots.  This is the area the girls plant so I'll just pull these out when they quit blooming. 
The bougainvillea is doing well.  We had a late frost last year so we missed a lot of our spring blooms.
I'm anxious to see what you have bloomin'.  Just add your name and permalink to Mr Linky to join the spring tour.


mary kiss said...

Beautiful blooms! I love spring!


daisy said...

Are you kidding me? I've never seen a checkered flower before! Amazing! Your blooms look great, Jean! Thanks for hosting!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh everything is so wonderful - I'm so happy in the springtime flowers, thanks for sharing.

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy said...

I've never seen a Fritilary Lily before. It's very pretty, I bet even more so in person. Thanks for hosting!

Ann said...

Your checkered Fritillary Lily is so unique. I've never seen one. Thanks for hosting.

sensible gardening said...

The deer did a real number on my tulips too, except the species tulips which happen to be orange. Are your orange tulips species?? Could there be a pattern here!

Becca's Dirt said...

Looking good Jean. So far I haven't been bothered by the deer however they are there. I've seen their tracks in the veggie garden but they haven't messed with anything. Hope you have a great weekend.