Sunday, September 25, 2011

Local News!

The story begins last weekend when I was scared awake by the sound of something on my second story deck. I got up and turned the light on to see 2 raccoons had knocked the grease catcher off the grill. They didn't want to leave but I shooed them away with a broom. I'd barely gotten back into bed when I heard something again. This time it was only one. I shoved him off the deck with the bloom. He was hanging on the edge by his 'hands' so I pushed his hands and down he went!

I set a trap but even tho we know they were back, I couldn't catch them. A couple mornings later I found this in the trap.A baby possum!

I gave him an all expense paid trip to a local 'wildlife resort', complete with a 'pool' and reset the trap.

The next morning (5am) as my son, after hearing noises all night, was checking his laptop before work at the kitchen table when a very angry raccoon tried to come in the kitchen window! Luckily, the window was closed! Raccoon #1 was in the trap and raccoon #2 was not happy!
He called me in the morning to tell me to be careful. Raccoon #2 was still on the deck and # 1 was making a horrible noise.

As you can see #2 was coming after me as I took pictures! He made a real mess, including knocking Payton's caterpillar off the table and killing it, tipping over the wastebasket and knocking everything over that was on the table he climbed on to try to get in the window. He finally left when the sun came out so I took coon #1 to the 'resort'.
A couple nights later I caught what I hope was raccoon #2, and sent him on vacation. I'm hoping this is the last of the deck critters! Now to start trapping the chipmunks that are getting too close to the house.

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Judy ~ Through My Garden Window said...

Oh, I know what a pest they can be! Last year, we caught over 20 possums. This year, we haven't caught as many, but we have also 'netted' 2 raccoons and one cat. After catching so many last year, we began to wonder if they were coming back - so this year, we gave them a squirt of orange paint on their hind ends before we released them. I've had coons fight over our grease catcher on the deck, and they sound frightening. I hope they leave you alone now!!

Darla said...

Be careful, raccoons have been known to carry rabies...