Friday, January 28, 2011

Anxious for Spring!

I've been wanting to check out a Home Goods store for awhile now but it was 30 minutes beyond where we usually shop. That makes it about 2 hours away. I had a Dr appointment on Tues. and decided to go. It was worth the drive just for this.
I just had to bring this adorable cherub home with me!

She's made of cement and covered with a very old rustic patina, just what I love!

She will be perfect in one of my shady garden areas.

Her sweet face has a nice calming effect.

She is about 19 inches tall and even her feet are adorable.

The best part is she was only 30 dollars!
Now I'm even more anxious for spring!


Darla said...

She is adorable. I guess if you can't purchase and plant flowers now, the next best thing is getting your yard art ready.

Becca's Dirt said...

I love it and what a great deal too. It will look so nice in your gardens.

Karen said...

She will fit in so nicely with your flowers. What a great find!

Lona said...

Hi Jean. She is just adorable. I love the patina too. It is always fun when you find a new garden treasure.