Saturday, January 29, 2011


My very gifted friend Dawn called for a haircut appointment and before I even gave her a time I said I needed something from her. My kids gave me a cell phone for Christmas and I needed a cover for it. When she came for hair appointment she brought this cute cover she had made.

I love it and the phone fit perfectly!

She's also made me these adorable clothes pin dolls

that I just couldn't put away after Christmas this year.

Thanks, Dawn!


Suzanne said...

There's nothing like a good friend!

Diana LaMarre said...

Love those closepin dolls! The cell phone holder is cute, too.

I have had a cell phone for two, maybe three, years and I don't even know my number! LOL. I hate talking on the phone. I only have it for travel--in case of emergency, so nobody ever calls me on it.

Dawn said...

You are welcome, Jean...
Glad to make it for you.