Thursday, November 04, 2010

I'm Ready!

The storm windows are on.

The leaves are blown and dragged to the street for pick up.

The plants are cut back and the garden art is put away.

The lawn is mowed and

the mower is put to the back of the shed and the snow blower and shovel to the front.

I'm The house and lawn are ready for snow just in time! They are calling for it this weekend.

How about you? Are you ready?


shannon i olson said...

well it makes me sad.....but yep pretty close to ready, I should go pull the last kohlrabi and a few dead zineas. Pull that ugly shovel out of the shed....I guess all we can do is get the "house" ready huh? getting ourselves prepared is a little harder for me too.

Karen said...

Jean, of course I am not ready....I'll still be planting daffodils with a bucket of hot water and and ice pick if I don't get at it soon.

You are indeed ready for the season, and I am trying to learn how to be less of a procrastinator, but I'll work on that tomorrow. ;')

Snow this weekend?? Oh, dear!

Love the candle in the window, so welcoming.

Darla said...

Oh dear! We will be around 34 this weekend.....take some photos for me...

Diana LaMarre said...

I think we may get a bit of snow this weekend, too. I still have tons to cut down, but it will probably have to wait until spring now.

Your yard looks so neat and clean. I wish mine was like that!

Dawn said...

Not really ready for snow yet.
The house is buttoned up tho.