Sunday, March 07, 2010


I'm here to warn you to never sit on the kitchen floor to wipe out a spill in the cupboard unless you have at least 2 hours to spend! NO, I didn't get stuck down there, although my mature friends have learned, as I have, not to get up too fast or you might hurt something or get dizzy!My warning concerns what we think of as a sparkling clean, fairly clean, livable kitchen. We may be really off base!
Did you know that the inside of the doors can get dirty or that the edges might be dusty? Yes, I do shut my cupboard doors! I thought that's why cupboards have doors, so they would stay clean.

Did you realize that there are places, close to the floor places, on you dish washer and stove that can collect dirt? How do clean baking pans get the cupboard dirty? Do you wipe off the fridge when you do the dishes? Did you know that the bottom of the door gets grimy too? You know, down low, where it's difficult to reach with out bending over.

Go ahead and sit on the kitchen floor if you dare!
Just remember not to blame me!
I warned you!


Cedar ... said...

Thanks for that warning,.. I will be sure to not do that. (as I know I'd find too many chores that need doing!) :)

Gail said...

Aw, yes, I have made that very mistake before, it is pretty scary down there, what about where cabinets meet the floor, I thought I cleaned better then that! OYYYY. I saw your post over on Anne Bannie's Green Acres and had to come see what you were doing in you cabinet. LOL.
Hope you will come by for a visit. Now to go see what else your up to.

Diana LaMarre said...

Ah, but doesn't it feel good to have it all so clean and neatly organized? Why don't you come and sit on my kitchen floor for a few hours? :)

Jennifer@Pieces of Me said...

One day after i cleaned my kitchen I did this, and got sick to my stomach, and will never do this again.... one thing after another after another!!!LOL

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

No I don't dare! I know, I had to put something in my compost bin under the kitchen sink and I had to not look too close.

I do the inside of my cupboards etc about once a year. I'm sure it could use it more than that but there are really so many things that need cleaning, that you'd spend all your time cleaning various things if you thought about it!


Latane Barton said...

At my age, getting in the floor is NOT an option. So, I guess all that is close to the floor in my house is filthy... but I won't know 'cause I can't see it.