Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Think spring!

I'm seeing a lot of archive garden pictures in blogland lately. I guess I'm not the only one longing for spring! I thought I should add some eye candy archive shots of a pairing of two favorites, foxglove and mulleins ( a type of verbascum). As I sit here unable to work for another week, I stare out the window imagining what I will do with my new garden finds.I will show you those as soon as my new camera gets here, which should be very soon. Fortunately, I hadn't spent all my Christmas money and had just enough left for a camera.I went for my biopsy last week and the Dr couldn't find what she wanted to test! I thought it was just a pimple but knew I should go anyway just to be safe.
I'm still not sure what is going on with my job. Since I'm on disability they haven't made any decisions about my employment yet. I get my stitches out tomorrow and will be able to go back to the store the first of March.
I've been busy putting away my snowmen and adding a little taste of spring to my decor. Of course, I'll continue to stare out the window and think spring!


The Prudent Homemaker said...

Very pretty!

My foxglove should be blooming this year; I am looking forward to it! Your verbascum is very lovely.

I'm expecting baby #6 anyday; I'm not going anywhere either for a while.

You can come virtually tour my garden!



Lallee said...

I'm thinking Spring. I'm thinking it needs to hurry up and get here--even in Florida! You always have the most beautiful flowers, and I can't wait to see new blooms.

I hope your hand heals well!

Your new entry spruce up looks great. Very inviting, Jean!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing those photos of hope!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Spring too. I hope all goes well with your job.

Heather said...

i am desperately wanting spring. i'm sitting under 25" of snow from this past weekend and now they are calling for 20 more inches tonight into tomorrow. where are we going to put all this snow?
glad your wrist is healing well. i know you'll be happy to get back to work. i hope they have a spot for you.

Zoey said...

Those foxgloves are so pretty. Mine should bloom this year. I will be so excited to see what color they turn out to be.

Hope the hand is healing well and you get to go back to work.

Darla said...

Beautiful Spring photos....continue to get better..congrats on the new camera..prayers that your job situation works out the way you need it to..

Heidi Pocketbook said...

I am lovin' your gorgeous photos!

I hope your hand will heal quickly and you get some answers about your job.

Hypertufa Gardening said...

I hear ya!

I can't wait till spring either. Time to get back to gardening and enjoying some new projects I have planned.

You take some amazing photos!

Don't worry it won't be too much longer until spring arrives. I hope.

Great blog!


Jamie Boyle
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