Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow day!

We have lots of snow now but last week we just had a couple inches and it was perfect for the girls to play.
Jerzie loved giving Payton a ride in the sled I got...
...and Payton loved it too! She's much more daring than Jerzie was at this age.
Throwing snow at her sister. Of course Gramma got a little of that too!
This is the first year I could get Jerzie to lay in the snow.
She decided making snow angels was a lot of fun.
There's nothing like a snow day with my sweeties!


Darla said...

How precious! Seems to second child is always more daring than the first and then the third and fourth and fifth!!

Heather said...

oh how ella would love to come play with the girls in the snow! we need to find her a sled for this winter too!

Balisha said...

They are so cute together...that little one will learn from her older sister.. and be more daring.

Anonymous said...

The girls look like they had lots of fun in the snow. I remember making snow angels when I was little.

Cedar ... said...

Absolutely precious!